As some of you know, I have been shooting exclusively film with my RZ67 Pro IID. I really cannot express how I feel when I shoot with this beautiful camera. Although it may be a bit heavy for some photographers, there are lots of goodies about it which makes the pain go away after seeing the results! On the other hand, although I believe that still Mamiya 645 AFD III is a very good camera for someone who like to shoot both film and digital in a smaller lighter package, it does not give me the same feeling I get from the RZ!!! That is why I decided to hook up my Mamiya DM22 back (basically it is Leaf Aptus-II 5 with Mamiya branding) to RZ67 PRO IID body! In this case, an adapter plate is required so that the camera and back can communicate with each other. It is called, Mamiya HX-701! Unlike Phase One backs, there is no need to use a wakeup cable with a Mamiya/Leaf back! The back simply attaches to the adapter and there you go! A clean solution to convert your legendary film camera into digital! However, there are still problems with such system as it is with any other camea system on the planet! You cannot do everything with a single camera system! Cameras are tools so you have to pick up the right tool for the job!

In my opinion, these are some Pros and Cons about this system;


. Ability to shoot both 6×7 film and digital
. Amazing razor sharp lenses with beautiful rendering
. Leaf shutter! So you can sync flash up to 1/400s
. Bellow focusing
. Ability to use two tilt/shift lenses, 75mm f/4.5 SB and 180mm f/4.5 SB (need a separate adapter)
. Ability to use polaroid back
. Massive, super bright viewfinder


. Heavy!
. Almost 1.5 crop factor when you shoot it with a 36x48mm sensor like DM22 or Phase One P25+ back.
. Widest angle lens for such setup would be 50mm f/4.5 which is roughly 37mm in 35mm format!
. Need to get a viewfinder mask so the viewfinder would look virtually a bit smaller!

Here is a couple of shots I did when testing the digital setup.